On Shopaholism

I would like to make a confession, just between you and me and the rest of the world. It turned out I’m a shopaholic. I need treatment :). The ease with which I spent all the money came as surprise to me. I had no idea I could do that! So now I’m overcoming the shock, with no money left in my pocket.

One benefit of shopping is that you get rid of stress. So don’t buy antidepressants, go shopping instead. You’ll get the wicked pleasure of spending without thinking about the consequences. You’ll be reckless and fearless and, a bit, mindless. At that very moment you’ll feel the cool satisfaction of choosing and rejecting and then selecting the best. It’s a powerful moment empowering you with power 🙂

Yet, we have to think of the drawbacks as well. Such anti stress adventure is very costly :). And, unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. Very soon you get in the position of realizing that you are kind of broke. However, you still have the satisfaction of being in the possession of the bought items. And when I say ‘bought items’ I don’t refer only to clothes, in my case, this can be also applied to books.

I would still want to warn you against the damages of unthrifty spending. But at the same time I’m the follower of the slogan “STAY HUNGRY, STAY FREE”. So it’s very individual and it’s up to you what to choose, but remember there’s always an alternative. (While choosing think always positive :))


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