Situation on Vocabulary Notes (Student’s draft)

John is an usual boy. He works as a driver on the school bus. He earns little money. John is in live with Lucy. She is a very beautiful and proud girl. Lucy is his neighbor. John wants to impress her and gives her different presents. But Lucy is very popular among the boys so she chooses the boys wit money and with expensive presents. She doesn’t pay attention to John. Hs life is fool of darkness and sadness. Today it is Lucy’s birthday. And John buys her a big, beautiful toy, his are his last money. But Lucy dislikes this present because she s very proud. She says that she has a lot of toys. John is disappointed. Some time after John goes to another city to work. Here he works in a big office as a manager. He earns a lot of money and becomes a very rich person, now he has his own company. At his work he meets Helen. She is a very good and lovely girl and they fall in love. One day John sees on the street a very familiar face. This is Lucy. She says that she understood that she loves him. But John knows that it is because of his money. John says her that he loves another girl and soon they will marry. Lucy begins to cry. She says that she will do her best to get him back. John says that it is too late to apologize, but they can be friends.

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