There’s something in the air and it feels sooooooooo …

Here it comes. Whatever it is, but it comes. It is nice and pleasant. It makes you feel something special, something close to the sensation of hectic flying buttrflies in your stomach, something impossible but desperately wanted. It creates an illusion that perfect harmony is not so difficult to achieve, that it is so close, so menacingly near that you might finally give in.

It builds certain expectations, great expectations! Brick after brick, its fragile wall is raised on hopes and wispers, sweet words and impossible-to-keep promisses, sighs and giggles,   seemingly unexpected questions and answers, and, definately, vows. These vows are uttered by the light in the eyes, by the smile on the face, by the trembling of the hands, by the warmth of the body, and the voice is only  the soundtrack of the entire picture. An important soundtrack but if it were turned off it would not reduce the charm of the moment but only intensify it. It’s probably the case when words are not needed. And in this deafining silence it invites to be daring and challenging. It says: ‘It’s now or never’, can’t you feel ‘Love is in the air’, don’t you know ‘You are my desteny’ this is why ‘Love me tender, love me sweet’… And it seems that ‘everybody needs somebody to love’, and ‘hate that I love you’ turns into ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’.

It tortures blind Cupid more than ever, who frenetically shoots arrows in all diractions. This is how it happens to get unexpected love declarations from people with whom you are not romantically involved. It is also possible to be completely overlooked by this mischievous god of desire. This is sad but not fatal, as you are left with an unyielding hope that next time it will be different. Besides, you can be happy for the people who are severely wounded by his arrows. Or you can throw a huge party with the green monsters on your shoulder and have fun.

So, as you can see, it offers a vast variety of enjoyment and merryment. It’s Saint Valentine’s and it has somehow become a must to celebrate it. Just like with many other SPECIAL holidays it has lost a bit of its charm as it has become commercilized. It has turned from a priceless moment of true and intense feeling into a pricey gift bullying. Sometimes, ‘How much do you love me?’ can shock when implied literally. But, still this is the extreme feature which is used only by extremists.

Yet, I still have some reserves. Why do people need a holiday to say ‘I love you’? Why don’t they say ‘I love you’ every day? Why give and receive attention only one day of the year? Why remeber about love only on ONE DAY? We know time is vital and that we should manage everything IN TIME, but love is said to be out of time, a kind of eternal thing. If we keep thinking abstractly about it and remember about its existance only on Saint Valentine’s, will we manage to live the real thing? But then, what is the real thing???

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1 Response to There’s something in the air and it feels sooooooooo …

  1. Bors Irina says:

    so romantic) I read this and don’t want to do my homework)), I want just to think about something special.) (it’s bad that we have to go to the university)).

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