Who Am I? (Student’s draft)

I am somebody or nobody.

Who is man? This question can find an answer in the Bible. The man is God’s creation. The Bible says:” God created man…”. We are His likeness, because He created us in His image. But the man sinned and was removed from God and the spiritual became NOBODY. Of course, we look at man our physical eyes. When we look at his rich, good things, beautiful speech, we at once say:” He is somebody! He is a tall man!”

But what is in his soul? The man is very duality and he can simultaneously to do the good things and hate. If  we will concentrate our attention on the outer we can call the man that he is somebody, but if he is without God, he is nobody spiritually. That is, the Bible says: “What  good will it be for a man if he gains the whole, yet forteits  his soul?”  I am agree, because man invests earthly, but importantly – soul perishes. I can say, that I am somebody, because I love God, although I don’t do grate things in front of people, but I am somebody before God, I am His child.  It’s very important to understood, that our life is very costly and we need to think about spiritual, about our soul.

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1 Response to Who Am I? (Student’s draft)

  1. Bors Irina says:

    Hello Anastasia. (I like this name)). Honestly your essay was a little bit difficult for me to understand. You used some sentences from the Bible, I think that you had to write about you, about your personality. You wrote something in the end but … I don’t know but something is missing in your essay. This is my opinion. And you did some mistakes in it. Anyway, you did a good job.

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