Who Am I? (Student’s draft)

Everybody ia a part of this world.I am also a small part of this great world.So,this means that I exist and I’m Somebody.

Maybe I’m not so important for someone but at the same time I’m a valuable part in the other’s life.For example,my parents said that I am the best thing that happened to them.I like this life veru much and I always try to do it more beatifully but sometimes I just give up because it is difficult.

I always try to be Somebody and to help many people who need it.Sometimes it seems that I’m Nobody because none notices me and everything what I do for them.I am a person and I think that I’m Somebody and everyone is also “Somebody” because we all live for some goals in this life.In my opinion,perhaps I must do something important for our planet,maybe to chenge some rules,laws,some points of view,the thinking,the outlook,the future or the generation.

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6 Responses to Who Am I? (Student’s draft)

  1. Bors Irina says:

    hello Alina, I was very impressed after reading your essay. I don’t know you but I think that you are a beautiful girl, a good daughter, a real friend and a personality… I think that you have to be more courageous, you mustn’t give up when in your life appears a problem, because through difficulties you become stronger. And one more thing… don’t dare to think that you are nobody.. you are somebody indeed, you are somebody… Good luck!

  2. Bors Irina says:

    P.S: I noticed some small mistakes, but i’m sure that you did them mechanically. Well done.;)

  3. Caisin Anna says:

    Hello! I like a lot your essay, I found here a lot of ineresting ideas! Another thing which I like is that you expressed your ideas in a very laconic way. As Shakespeare said “brevity is the sister of talent”.
    P.S We have the same ideas,they resemble with mine when I wrote the same essay.

  4. Hi! I really liked your essay. It is short and to the point. Go to your goal and you’ll get it. Good job!
    P.S. There are some mistakes, but I think this is because of inattention.

  5. Alina says:

    Hello Cristina,Anna,Irina!Thank you very much for these good words,but I really tried to write a good essay.I’d like to know my mistakes which you found because I thing this will help me to improve my writing and next time I will not repeat these mistakes.

  6. Alina says:

    I found my mistakes:I wrote “veru” instead “very” and “chenge” instead “change”.Am I right?Thank you one more time and I can say that it is so important when somebody support you.I thing it is necessary.

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