Character sketch 3 (Student’s draft)

There are two main characters in the text “A Day’s Wait ” by Ernest Hemingway. Both, father and son, are positive characters. The father is indirectly characterized through his actions. At first look he seems to be cold and distant but we can notice that he takes care of his son like a mother. He is very careful and very sad about the illness of his son. He is a loving father. We can notice that when he reads for his son. He is depicted as an individual, static character, because he doesn’t change till the end.

 The son is also indirectly characterized through his actions. We can see that he is a strong boy and in spite of his age he thinks like an adult. He doesn’t want to bother his father with his illness. This thing shows that he is strong-willed. He is a dynamic character, because he changes. At the beginning he is like an adult and in the end he begins to behave like an usual nine-year-old boy. The boy is also directly characterized by his father: “he looked ill, his face was white, he walked slowly as though it ached to move, there were dark areas under his eyes and seemed very detached from what was going on”. This description is a small portrait of his son. I think that there is a special connection between these two characters: a loving father and an adult son.

  The doctor is a minor, static character. He is directly characterized by the father as a smart man, because he explained a lot about influenza.

 I enjoyed reading this text very much.  

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