Situation on Vocabulary Notes 4 (Student’s draft)

Helena is ill. She does not go to school, because she broken a leg. She takes all very painful. Yesterday a doctor was to see how does Helena feel.  He prescribed her a variety of medicaments: analgesics and the other medicine that would help to improve her condition. But because of a fracture Helena has a fever, she is all shivering. Helena’s classmate Anne came to visit her and told her that her boyfriend is walking with another girl. Helena is very worried; she does not want to take medication prescribed by the doctor. But her mother says that it is necessary to recover. Information, which a classmate told to Helena, is very painful. She refuses to eat, she wants to get well faster, but it’s not so simple. The girl is in despair. On Wednesday in their apartment the doorbell rings, Helena’s mother opens the door and sees John, the Helena’s boyfriend. He came to see his girl and brought her flowers and fruits. Mother tells Helen about John’s arrival. Hearing this good news, with the help of crutches, Helena rises from her bed and she goes barefoot to meet her boyfriend. Mother is very happy because for the time of disease Helena never got up, but today the situation has changed. Elena asks Ivan if the information that a classmate told her is true. John said that Anna wanted to go with him to the disco, but John refused. That’s why she decided to quarrel John and Helena. Young people made up a quarrel. A few weeks later Helen plaster was removed and she returned to school. Now John and Helen are very happy together. And to Anna, they do not get angry, because due to envy a man capable of much.

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