Situation on vocabulary notes 5 (Student’s draft)

A month ago was John’s birthday. He wanted very much to receive as a present the toy car which he saw on a shop’s billboard. But John’s parents decided to give him a kitten. When John saw his present, he became very upset. He did not want to talk to his parents and even eat his birthday’s cake.

During this month John did not want to look at his pet and to take care of it. But one day the parents saw that something was wrong with their cat, and decided to bring it to the veterinary. John came with them.

The doctor looked at the shivering cat. He tried to understand if something hurt it. Then he took the kitten’s temperature, and saw that it was bigger then it should be. He found out that the cat got something like flu and prescribed some medicine to it. While the doctor was examinating the kitten, John could not understand why he was so worried for his pet. He thought that he hated it.

When the doctor finished, he asked the family whose was the kitten. John made a step in front with a blushing face. The doctor smiled at him. He asked John if he took care of pet. John shook his head. Then the doctor tried to explain to John the situation.

“My dear little boy, you should not refuse such wonderful gift. You should understand that kittens are like humans, they also need to feel that they are loved by somebody. They want to feel their master’s love. When you did not play with your pet, did not want to take care of it, it felt your bad feelings. In such condition, it is easy to become sick. Dear John, you should understand that unlike people, the animals can not talk , they can just show their emotions.”

“And if I take care of my kitten, if I do all of this, it will help it? ( said John with eyes full of tears)”

“It will help a lot.”

Since that day, John became his kittens` best friend. He took care of eat and they spent a lot of time enjoying each other’s company. And in the whole world there were not friends better than those two little creatures.

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