Situation on vocabulary notes 4 (Student’s draft)

One day a little boy who had ten years went in the forest to pick some mushrooms. It was sunny day. The boy, whose name was Bob ran, played and picked the mushrooms. He met a river.  Bob washed his feet in that river. In the river were much fish and he ran after the fish. When he came to the river bank he had seen that his shoes disappeared. Bob was seeking his shoes all day but he didn’t find. It was already evening. It began to rain. Bob went at home crying. His mother was worried about him. She waited his coming. He was dirty, wet and barefoot. He had a headache and he trembled.  His parents called a doctor. The doctor took the boy’s temperature. He said that Bob had a fever. The doctor prescribed the medical prescription. The child had to take some medicines for to bring down the fever. From that day Bob never went for the walk naked, bare-headed, barefoot and alone because he knew that the healthy is the most important thing and that the fever is so painful.

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