Situation on the picture (Student’s draft)

Mike is a student. He studies physics at college. He is a bright student and he is not ingnorant at all.

 Today, Mike has a date (the first date) with a girl from his group. Her name is Kate. She is a beautiful and a smart girl. Mike falls in love with her and he wants to tell her this tonight at the restaurant. He invites Kate to dinner. He buys a rose because Kate loves it. He is very excited about the date and he begins to think how he will behave, and what he will do, what he will speak at the dinner.

Suddenly, Mike remembers that Kate loves poetry. He thinks that she will be amazed if he recites her a beautiful poem. But …oohh…., he doesn’t know anyone. He has not read any poems untill now. He doesn’t know at least in what book he can find one. And Mike begins to search in his room a book of poems. He has a lot of books, but he doesn’t have a book of poems. He looks up in all his encyclopedias but Mike can not find at least a plain poem. His researches last for hours. But he doesn’t find anything. He is already crazy, he doesn’t know what to do.

All at once, Mike calls the spirits of Newton and Einstein. He believes that their bright minds will help him . They begin to discuss how to solve this question – how to find a solution. The men talk and each of them gives ideas. But, Mike’s parents, who can not see the spirits, when they hear that their son talk with himself, they decide to call the doctors. The doctors arrive. Mike tells them what kind of problem he has. They say that they will help him. At their hospital, there is a wonderful library and he will find something special for his girlfriend. They leave at the hospital.

Kate finds out that Mike is in the hospital . She comes to him with a book of poems. Kate and Mike begin to learn by heart a poem . They are very happy toghether .

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