A character sketch: A Freshman’s Experience (Student’s draft)

Judy is the main character from a ‘ Freshman’s experience’. She is a student at the college. She enjoys studying there. Judy likes the teachers, the classes, the campus and even the things to eat. When she was at the asylum, she did not eat good food, that’s why she likes the dishes from the college.

Judy doesn’t know a lot of things. She makes awful mistakes. But Judy understands that she has to learn and she looks them up in the encyclopedia when she doesn’t know something. This proves that she wants to give away her ignorance.

Judy did not read a lot of books which her friends read them in their childhood. Maybe because of that she did not have the chance to meet all the characters from whom she could learn something.

Judy receives five gold pieces from her Daddy. She is amazed. She buys books to enlarge her vocabulary and her personal culture. Because she was bad dressed, she buys a pair of silk stockings. This shows that her unhappy childhood is still alive in her memory.

Judy tells her Daddy in details how she used his money because she is a very honest girl. She likes to share her impressions. And Daddy Long-Legs is the only person whom she can write.

Inspite her unhappy childhood, Judy is a smart and a bright girl. I like the way she wants to catch up the group and I can not help admiring her nobel desire to learn.

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