Situation on the picture (Student’s draft)

This is Michael. Michael is a sophomore at State University A. Russo. He is a well-known macho and he spends his life in constant dates. And today isn’t an exception. Tomorrow Michael has exam in physics, but he is in love and hr thinks that the exam will be next week. Michael wants to impress his girlfriend, so he prepared the flowers. Now it is 9 p.m. Michael enters in his room, he wants to see if he looks well. And then he sees on the wall the portraits of Newton and Einstein, and he remembers that the exam is tomorrow. He throws the flowers and forgets about the date. He rushes to the books. But they fall out of hand. Michael is reading and could not remember anything. It is 12 o’clock at night. Michael he begins to doze and to not fall asleep, he drinks coffee. Coffee does not help and he puts his feet in a washbowl with hot water. From big charge Michael begins to see hallucinations, he begins to talk to himself. Parents call an ambulance. Doctors come and ask Michael how does he feel . But Michael thinks that these are Einstein and Newton, who take his exam, but he does not know the answers. Doctors take him to the hospital.  

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