Situation on vocabulary notes 3 (Student’s draft)

   John is a young man. He is married and he loves a lot his wife. Her name is Mary and she is very smart. Several years ago her brightness was the first thing he observed in her. They met each other after he served in the army.

   Nowadays she is a teacher at University. She works there for some years. And she has classes at master degree.

   Life sometimes can be very funny. So, her husband is her student. He decided to make his master degree in physics- the sphere in which Mary is master.

   Tomorrow, John will have an important exam, and the teacher is… his wife. He is not prepared for it. In his head there are one hundred excuses (Honey I was busy with our child, I prepared for you an amazing dinner, I was to busy at my work and I did not have time to learn all these formulas…) He decided to come into his wife’s cabinet, to bring her her lovely red rose, and to implore Mary to help him tomorrow. John did not decide yet what to promise her, he just come with his rose. He enters the cabinet, but what a surprise! She isn’t in there. John waits for her. He is in a very good mood, because he is sure that his sweet love will resolve all his problems. But the time passes… and he hears the clock tick tack…tick tack… his wife doesn’t appear. Unfortunately he forgot his cell phone at home, and he can’t call his beloved. He looks at the clock, and he is surprised! It’s too late! His wife did not come and he did not manage to talk to her. He understands that he has to resolve all his troubles by himself. He brings a big pile of books from the selves and begins to study the formulas.

   His wife finally enters her cabinet. John begins to explain her happened. She smiles to him. Helps him to get up all the books, and offers him to continue his deeps studies at home. John listens to his wife’s advice. He asks his wife why she is not surprised to see him there. She smiles once again, and says… today I saw you my dear with this beautiful rose, I understood that you wants something from me, because, unfortunately the flowers are not the way to show your love for me, after that I remembered that tomorrow you would have an exam, and I understood everything. I just offered you time to study. So my dear, bring me more often flowers!

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