Places of interst (Student’s draft)

The National Museum of history

The National Museum of history of moldova was established  in 1983.The building of museum is a  building of the first mens Regional Luceym in Basarabia.In front of the museum there is a copy of famous statue of Roman ” She -wolf” with  romulus and Remus.the museum  includes 10 exibition halls,3 of which  have domes and  diorama. The museum owns archaeological and numismatic collections,collections of documents, photos, rare or old books, maps, arms, military equipment and lots more. Permanent  exposition is located on the ground floor.It shows more than 4000  items of historical value. these items tell visitors about eminent personalities, historical events, culture and every-day life on the territory  of Moldova from  old Stone Age till 20 Century. The exposition is devited into the following sections: archeology, ancient  history, Middle Age history, Basarabia  history, modern history. Many tourist come to see it. Moldavians are very proud of the  museum.

The Notre Dame de Paris

It is a beautiful cathedral in Paris.It is an important examlpe of french Gothic architecture.It is a place of pilgrimage and the focal point for Catholicism in France.The West front of cathedral is one of the  most notable features .The South Tower Houses  the Cathedrals famous bell “Emmanuel “.The bell weights 13 metric tons .Its clapper alone weights 500 kilograms.The Grand Gallery  connects the two Towers and where is the cathedral s legendary gargolylescan be found.It is a full of Gothic caracter.The Kings Gallery is a line of statues of the twenty-eight  kings of Judah and Israel.The beautiful West Rose Window at Notre Dame  is 10 metres in diametr and exceptionally beautiful.The main theme of  the West Rose  is human  life.On the  exterior it is fronted by a Statue of vergin and Child accompanied by angels.

The Notre Dame de Paris is the first building in the world  for which construction use the flying buttress.

There are three portals:The portal of vergin ,Portal of the Judgement and Portal of Sainte-Anne.

It is more than seven hundred years old.It is only the most recent of holy houses .It is the most popular monument in paris and in all France.Beating even the Eifel Tower with 13 million visitors each year.Many tourists come to see it.

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