Situation on vocabulary notes 2 (Student’s draft)

Once upon a time , there a was a boy . He was a beautiful and a bright one . But John ( this was his name ) was a little bit careless and lazy . His ignorance made his classmates laugh . He read just plain and simple books because his friends thought that to read , to learn , to study are not cool things . John did not want that his friends pointed to him . He believed that he would bore to death them and in such a way he could lose his friends .

          But one day , there came a sweet girl in their class . She was nice , beautiful , and , of course , she was smart . Jenny read a lot of books . She loved poetry and romance novels . When she recited poems everyone could not help admiring her extraordinary talent . Every time she had answers at all the questions , because she learned a lot and she always would listen the teachers and find out new things .

          John was amazed . He liked the way she recited poems , the way she was singing , the way she spoke . He seemed to fall in love with Jenny . John tried to show her his feelings , but Jenny always looked at him blankly  . She did not like that John was not independent and that he was dependent by the friends’  opinion .

           But John wanted to prove that he deserved Jenny’s attention . This prompted him . And John began to learn , to study . He took different books from the library and read them with a big interest and pleasure . He bought some books which he did not find at the library . Soon , John became the brighter boy from his class . Jenny changed her opinion about him , because she saw that he wanted to improve his knowledge . She was proud and excited to have such a smart friend .

           John and Jenny became the best friends and the brighter pupils from their school .

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