Situation on vocabulary notes 2 (Student’s draft)

Anne is my friend. She is a good   and bright girl. She is a student at faculty of psychology.  She is pretty and nice. Anne is very friendly.

One day, my friend Anne had a special day in her life. It was warm and brightly day. She went at the party of her boy- friend.  She   had looked very pretty in her plain white dress. She saw that all were in blue. She thought that it was very boring party.  She was ignorant because all people at the party were in blue including her boy-friend. Others pointed their eyes upon her.   Anne’s ignorance made the others laugh. She was exciting. She gave a blank look upon her boy-friend. And she ran away. The boy-friend stopped her and told that she brought him brightness and more joy. She was simple but beautiful and he love her. He told plain truth. And then everybody was bright and gay at the party.

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