Situation on vocabulary notes 2 (Student’s draft)

Once upon a time there were two best friends: Mary and Katy. They were always together, at school, after classes, on weekends. Mary was a very bright girl. She enjoyed reading plain books and she didn’t like to have any blanks. Her parents were very proud of her and they helped end encouraged her everytime. One of her big passions was music. She played the piano very well but her parents hadn’t enough money to buy her a piano. In her soul there was a blank when she saw that the other children that were ignorant had a piano.

Katy was a clever girl too. Her parents gave her everything she wanted. Her mother was a piano teacher, but Katy didn’t like music. Everytime Mary asked her for permission to play the piano she said that she was bored by death by her mother’s playing that she couldn’t listen nothing anymore.

Once Mary came to Katy but she wasn’t at home. She saw the white, big, beautiful piano and this prompted her to try to play at it. She played Fugue in D minor by Bach and she was so excited that she didn’t hear when Katy entered. Katy was shocked but she didn’t say a word. She took the cassette-recorder and recorded Mary’s playing. After that she said that she didn’t hear nothing more beautiful and magnificent in her entire life.

Mary came to Katy every day to play the piano. She was very glad. Katy’s mother pointed out that Mary could become a great artist with her talent.

After a month, at Mary’s door stood a piano. It was a birthday present from Katy. She was very excited and happy. Her parents were crying when they saw their daughter’s dream realized.  It was a pleasurable shock for the whole family. She learned a lot and after years she became a teacher. Katy was a successful lawyer. But their friendship was very strong all their life. I think this is a very good example of real friendship.

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