Situation on vocabulary notes 1 (Student’s draft)

In a pet store is an announcement: “Puppies for sale”. A ten-year-old boy enters and asks how much costs a puppy. The seller answers that the price varies between 20$ and 40$. The boy looks in his pocket. He has only 2$. He asks:

-Can I see the puppies?

The seller smiles. He whistles and from a room appears a dog with five puppies. A puppy remains behind and don’t approach.

-What’s  the matter with him? asks the boy.

– He was born with a problem at the leg and he will limp all his life. The boy fixed his eyes upon the puppy, gave a cute smile and said:

-I want this puppy!

-If this is your wish, I’ll give him for free.

The little boy was very upset.

-I don’t want him for free! He costs like the others. I’ll give you everything I have now and every month I’ll pay you 1$ to acquit his whole price.

-Are you sure? Do you really want this puppy? He will never run, walk or play like the others.

The little boy bends, raises his trousers and shows his amputated leg to the seller.

-I can’t run either. That’s why this puppy needs somebody who will understand and look after him.

The seller’s eyes were full of tears.

-I hope that each puppy will have someone who will give all his love like you.

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