Situation on vocabulary notes 2 (Student’s draft)

Saturday, 15-th of October

Hello my dear home of soul,

Today I’d like to introduce to you my mother. At my age of fifteen years, I am very found of her. I can’t help admiring her beauty. I even can’t understand how in such little body, can live in freedom such a bright mind!

Every time when I have troubles, she is the first person who helps me, but what is interesting, she ever prompt her own opinion, she just shows me the direction to find the necessary way.

When I was a child, I would listen to her retelling of various fairy tales. It was never boring. She new with what intonation to tell it and to make me very excited .She might be a true actor! When she knew that she would be absent, she just put me a cassette-recording where she retold by herself different tales- then I felt asleep with a happy smile on my face. Once, at school, my teacher asked me who Shelly was. I didn’t know the answer. I told my mother about it, and I was shocked that in some minutes she retold me his whole biography, without any source- at that moment I found out that my mother is not an ignorant person. I was so proud of her!

Day by day, not, every minute of my life- I see that I have the best mother in the whole world. She is the best because I live in her heart (I made myself very comfortable there 15 years ago). She is also in my heart, because I can’t loose the possibility to bring with me everywhere, such a bright and wise sun.

These are my pieces of feelings and emotions for today. See you soon my dear diary!

Yours Mag

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