A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush (Student’s draft)

This story does not have any historical worth. But it let a deep sign in the character’s minds. Read it, and you’ll see everything by yourself.

Once upon a time, a poor young girl whose name was Jane, got up in the morning when the clock struck eight a.m. She looked though her window and saw a rainy and very sad day. At that moment she came to the conclusion that she was the unhappiest creature in the all history of thehumanity, because she hasd any not a single pair of shoes to go for  a  walk in. She tried to waste the time by doing something in her old house. This house was not an attractive one; it was not interesting for her to rest there, because it did not have even any masterpiece to look at. After the weather finally had become better she decided to have a walk in the circle [?] of her old house.

While she was walking she met on a the lane an old man, who looked a little bit strange. He looked at her and asked her the reason of her sadness. She replied that she was the unhappiest girl in the world, because she was very poor. The man listened to her with a fresh interest and said: “ You see, my dear, I am very old, and fortunately, I did not waste the lifetime, because in my boyhood a wise man, shared with  me the secret of the happiness. I’ll ask you three questions, and for every right answer, I’ll give you everything you want”. Jane agreed. I will not write you the questions, because I think that is not important and interesting thing. The idea is that Jane was a smart girl. She answered the questions, and the old man was going to give her a new pair of shoes, a new dress and a beautiful necklace. He told her: “Dear Jane, I’m going to give you all of these things as I promised to you. But I propose to challange you to answer one more question, it will be harder than the others. If you give me the right answer, I’ll give you three things more, but if your answer is wrong, you will lose everything I am going to give you. Do you agree with my condition?” Maybe because of the true human trait [?], Jane agreed. But, unfortunately her answer for this time was wrong, and she lost everything. She began to cry . The old man, looked at her and said: “My dear, it was a good lesson for you. This is the best way for you to understand the meaning of the words: A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush. I gave you the possibility to have that what you wanted, but when you agreed with the fourth question, you decided to have the birds which were “in the bush”. Now, you see the consequences. The words I told you, is the advice given to me in my boyhood. I hope you will use it during in your whole lifetime” .

Jane came back home. During that day she was thinking about that man and his words. She came to the conclusion that he was right. After some years, she became the happiest woman in the world. She was so, not because she was rich, but because she knew to appreciate the most important things in her life as her happy marriage and happy children.

The advice given to her proved to be more precious than the pair of shoes she wanted.

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1 Response to A bird in a hand is worth two in the bush (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Anne, great job despite of some tiny mistakes. I’m proud of you!!!

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