A character sketch (Student’s draft)

In the text Anne meets her class there are many moral traits. Anne is a positive character and she have positive traits. She is a calm person, pretty, nice and a little timid. Miss Enderby is a negative character and she have negative features like: arogance, pride, conceit and she likes to gossip. The children are negative characters becouse they seems to be well-behaved but realy they are disobidient. Anne is the major character because she prevails on all the action of text. Miss Enderby and children are minor characters because they are present on a short time in the text. Anne and Miss Enderby are individual characters. Children are collective characters becouse in the text they are represent like a group. Anne is a dinamyc character becouse at the beginning of text she is patiently and silent but at the end she becomes loudly and serious. Children are a dinamic character too because at the beginning of text they are silent because they are afraid of Miss Enderby, but when she leaves the classroom  they become noisy. Miss Enderby is a static character because she doesn’t changes it self. She is arogant and proud at the beginning and at the end too. These thing we can see when she gets out from classroom.

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