Famous landmarks (Student’s draft)

This is the Saharna Monastery. It is situated at the distance of 8 km from Rezina town, 45 km from Orhei town and 120 km from Chisinau city. The monastic complex is a natural reservation.The monastery with its entire ensemble considered to be the oldest one. The monastic ensemble includes two monateries:  the rock one named „Bunavestire”, and the other one named “Sfinta Treime”. Is nothing known about the rock monastery not even when was buil or who built it. Many tourists come to see it every year .They can even climb to the prown on the staircase. Moldavians are very pround of the monastery. It is beauty and it will remain with unforgettable memories for the entire life. Its natural view and the huge hills that surround this monastery will be sealed in our mind through its sacred and pure atmosphere.It is one of the saints places  in Moldova.

This is the statue of Christ the Redeemar. It is in Rio de Janeiro. Many tourists come to see it every year. They can even climb on the staircase of the statue. Brazilians are very proud of the statue. It is a symbol of Christianity, the statue become an icon of Rio and Brazil.

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