Situation on vocabulary notes (Student’s draft)

Once upon a time, lived a homeless boy, Sam. One day he gave shelter to a man named David. David loved his son very much, but he had two his own children: a daughter and a son. Elena immediately made friends with Sam, but John didn’t like him. And when their father died, John drove him from home out of the house. Sam had to work on the farm and spend the night in the street. When Sam got older, he met a girl Anne and felt in love with her, but Anne didn’t want to be with him because he was too poor for her. She married a rich man. Then Sam made a lot of money and becomes a very rich man. Sam married another girl Lucy, but he didn’t love her, he behaved with her very badly. Lucy gave birth a son, but he was seriously ill, and Sam didn’t want to see him. After a while his son died. Lucy left him. In old age, Sam was left alone with his money. And then he repented of all. If he had to live his life again, he would have done everything differently .He would spend more time with his family. He wouldn’t abandon his son. He would take care of his son. But it was too late. So if things were to be done twice all would be wise!

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