Situation on vocabulary notes (Student’s draft)

If they were sincerely, the friendship would be true!

There are two friends in my village: Anna and Maria. They spend all time together. They are very friendly.  They discuss about all things and all problems. They are very happy that they have such friendship.

Once, they walked in the park. They had met their classmate. She called Maria in part and something told her at ear. Anna made oneself uncomfortable.   That girl was very different than Anna and Maria. That girl invited Maria at her party on this Sunday.  After that Maria and Anne had went at Maria’s Home to listen music. Anne had asked her friend what their classmate told Maria but she answered nothing.

On Sunday , Maria and Anne must  go at the masquerade together. Anne called Maria and had told that they must go. Maria said that she can’t go because she is ill. Anne decided to go alone.

In that moment when Anne was going at the masquerade, Maria was going at the party. At the party, Maria gazed back, feeling helpless because she didn’t know somebody and felt alone without her best friend. She felt guilty. Maria didn’t know that her classmate and other people from the party will go at the masquerade where Anne went. After twenty minutes they had went at the masquerade. Maria asked her classmate about their walking but she answered “you will see”.  They arrived at that place. Maria looked about and was gazed. She want to run away but she was meting her friend in that moment. Anne gazed what she saw but she understood all. Maria was red on the face. She was crying and she forgot about this situation. Anne was angry but after someday   they were again together.

Their classmate never had a friend. She made oneself comfortable. She was shy and never understand what is friend!

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