A Character Sketch (Student’s draft)

In the text “Anne meets her class” I would to make a character sketch of personages. In this fragment is clearly seen that every of them shows his characters as positive as negative. From my point of view Anne has positive features “she looks with fresh interest at Arnold”. Also the young lady looks calm with her children:” she remembers some advice from college”, be quite calm, and gradually the children will become conscious that you are waiting”. Another character for Anne is her behavior. During the lesson she is calm, but at the end she advances into action.

 On the other hand Miss Enderby for me represents the negative part of her personage. She looks like lider. She starts to give Anne piece of advice:”If I were you,I should keep an eye on that boy”,”come to the staff room. You can depend on me”.

Moreover the lady is selfish. She involves with children like they are rejected:”just send a message by one of the children”. Miss Enderby wants to be respected,loves to be obeyed for example:” is no one going to remember his manner?”. Then she sails majestically into the corridor.

The children come on the second plan. They are indifferent to her:”the children’s faces are unmoved”. From this perspective they are not quite because”there comes a faint sign of relief”after Miss Enderby went. At the end they show their education”but the noise grow up in volume as conversations become more animated”.From another point of view Arnold is a spoiled child because he wants”to show his friends a scar on his shoulder-blade”.

In addition I would like to say that in this text all of characters wants to be individual through it’s behavior.

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