A character sketch (Student’s draft)

Anne is a young good looking girl, who meets her pupils for the first time. She is introduced by her headmistress Miss Enderby. Ann is a little bit nervous and she feels helpless, she camn just give a watery smile to the children. But, Miss Enderby is otherwise, she seems to by very proud, she gives Ann a lot of indications, she explains her what to do in every situation. The headmistress is severe and she does not like to be disobeyed, everything must be the way she wants and she tells. But Anne, is not going to listen to her so blindly, she has her own thoughts and feelings. By reading the story we can see that Anne has more positive traits thatn Miss Enderby has does. Also we can underline that both of them, represent an are individual characters.

Anne represents is the major character of this story [add some more information]. We see that the children are depicted as a whole, and they are a collective character. Anne and the children change during the story , they change their feelings and behavior. All of this tell us indicates that Ann and the children are dynamic characters.

At the end, I would like to add that Anne’s character is built with the help of Miss Enderby‘s and the children’s characters. I mean that only comparing them, we can really understand her personality, feelings and thoughts.

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1 Response to A character sketch (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Not bad at all, but please be more careful!!! And try not to use the word personality, think if it can be raplaced with ‘nature’.

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