no title given (Student’s draft)

So,as you know that summer is one of the most wonderful time during our student years I can say that it is indeed for me.

My summer wasn’t very excited,if you take into consideration that I was resting just a little.

But you know,the more you work ,the more you get to know how great life can be.

I tried to listen to English,TV-shows as much as I could,also a lot of movies and news.

You know what an enjoyable time I had. I enjoyed helping my grandparents with the house hould.

In addition I loved reading “Wuthering heights”. It was a lovely book that made me think that love has two parts.

I started to read “The Picture of Dorian Gray” but it was difficult to understand.

Also I didn’t giving up to my second language,French.

To conclude with my summer it was pleasant,peaceful but also it was stressful.

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1 Response to no title given (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Daniela, I’m a bit disappointed. It’s not the essay I would have expected from you. I have a feeling that you did it very quickly without giving much consideration to what you said. You also did not meet the deadline and it’s another disappointment. Just make the necessary improvements so that you can submit a nice written essay. I hope the girls will also leave their comments which will help improve both the form and the contents of your essay. Good luck to you and be more serious!!!

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