My summer adventures (Student’s draft)

Summer is most liked time. This season is time for many adventures.  This summer was my best summer in my life because I had many adventures and I spend time with my family, my friends , my boyfriend , and some relatives. It was  time  with much emotions. I was happy and sadly. I cried when something what I wanted most  did not  realized.


My dream on this summer was to go in Portugal to my oldest sister in vacation. I wanted to see ocean, over beautiful places and to do  shopping with my sister which I love so much. So after the week, I and my family started to treat documents for visa. It was difficult and expensive. When we finished to treat documents I was so happy and eager. I did many plans and I dreamed every second.

After deposit documents to Portugal Consulate  passed ten days. I called there and  I hearing answer: “ you had  refused”  My father was very angry, I cried, my sister from Portugal cried. It was so tragically.  From this story was interesting how I and my mother arrived in Bucharest and deposited documents for visa.

Romania, Bucharest

It was strange day. In that day we got visa for Romania.  It was 19.07.2011. I and my family was so happy . And my mother and I decided to go in Bucharest in that evening. We started our travel at five o’clock . we arrived to border  and there guards stop us for come back in city. But WHY? I thought “ what happens? ‘  we stayed there one  hour but problem was   that we did not have car to go back.  Us stop because visa was valid from 20.07.2011.  We stayed there three hours and then approached a man who proposed to go in Iasi with one condition: “ way will cost 400 lei” .  so we continued our travel to Iasi . There at the station was one bus to Bucharest which had all places reserved. My mother and I were in shock . It was over problem. So my mother asked driver if he can take with his bus to Bucharest. So he was agree. But we stayed stand and sometimes on stairs near the door . We started at 1o ‘clock and arrived at 8 0’ clock in the morning.  It was difficult. But more difficult  was when we found Embassy.  It was time with many adventures. But I had beautiful time which my boyfriend.

Love time. Chisinau

In that time I had to met may boyfriend of first time. I arrived in Chisinau at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon.  I had to waited my boyfriend who came from Portugal .  He had problems to border and he arrived in Chisinau at nine o’clock in the evening.  When he arrived in Chisinau we did not found. I thought : “ It is nine o ‘ clock in the evening and he don’t find me, I haven’t relatives in Chisinau , I haven’t money to come back at home in Balti, I am afraid”  . But after the time he found me. That moment was so happy with many emotions. After we went in his village .I knew his family, his live. We talked about everything . after  the days we went in my village and he knew my family and my life.

So from this story I had such conclusion: If  I did not go in Portugal then Portugal came to me.

Most of all from this summer I liked my travel at the sea with my boyfriend,  my sister from Moldova and his husband with their daughter .

Ukraine, Black Sea.

It was paradise at the Black Sea. It was beautiful time with I spend with my lovely persons. I was happy and so free far of problems. I never forgetting how I jumped in the middle of Black Sea alone. It was when I with my family and boyfriend walking with banana on the water. It was interesting , fascinating and with many adventures.

Last days of this summer  I spend home. My family and I picked grapes.  I was to concert dedicated national Romanian language.

This Summer I never forgetting!  It was sunny and Happy with many adventures.

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  1. vickycondrat says:

    Irina, revise your grammar!!! It’s great that you want to write long essays but you should also be very careful with word order and the sequence of tenses. If you need my help just tell me and I will explain everything to you. Go on working hard but don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Remeber ‘ask and you’ll be given’ 🙂

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