My Experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

When I was  child ,  I had a  big dream  “ to see White House from Washington and Eiffel Tower from France.   Over the time , I forgot about my dream.  When  I finished  high school, after the exams I didn t know where to choose my future.  Together with my parents , I chose Faculty of Foreign  Languages.  Even I chose this Faculty , anyway I  could not decide. But  after the days I remembered  about my child dream  and I was Happy.

First day at the Faculty, I remember very well.  I was afraid  and I felt that I Knew nothing. When I was into the faculty I thought “  O my God ! what I am doing hear?”  At the first lesson with Mrs. Mirca , my colleagues and I answered questions in English language. I  had big emotions and I felt that I  never listen English words. When I returned at home , my parents asked me about first day at the faculty. I answered “ very well”!!! First two weeks were very difficult even I tried to leaving the Faculty. But my dear  colleagues and dear friends told me that  all will be OK!!! I want to say THANKYOU for my Groupe and I want to tell that they are cool and bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. During two months I am accustomed with my groupe , teachers and faculty. I remember first exams and  Big emotions. I liked time at the faculty of foreign languages.

My experience as a Freshman was never-to-be-forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first year at the University was interesting, exciting  and with big emotions!!!!!!! I knew new world, new fiends, new persons and new life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to My Experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Irina, it’s great that you didn’t give up. And I encourage you not to give up. Don’t even think of leaving the faculty because you can do everything. You are very dilligent and working as you do you are bound to succeed. At the same time I would recommend you to revise the use of articles in English (particularly the definite article). There are also some prepositions incorrectly used. So revise it.
    In general, I liked it, go on discovering this new world 🙂

  2. Bors Irina says:

    Dear Irina, I like your essay! I like the beginning of the essay about you dream!! Good job!!!

  3. Daniela C. says:

    My dear friend,Irina!!!…I like your essay…It is very interesting.Many have such a dream(me too:))…But there are some mistakes : ”I didn’t know WHERE to choose my future”,”I chose(remember you began in the past),”When I was into the Faculty”-maybe ”When I entered the Faculty” and ”thankyou”-thank you…Anyway,you did a good job…Good for you!!!;)

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