My experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

My first year as a student was an interesting one. I thought that at the university will be like at school, but I was wrong. I wanted to improve my English, that’s why I was there, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Honestly, I expected more during this year of study.

Firstly, I want to say that I have a wonderful group. We are ten girls and each of us has an aim. We have a lot of common interests like English, theater, literature, music. We all understand that we will be together for four years and we should be like a family. Each of us is a personality, has an opinion and tries to prove that is the best.

Speaking about the relationships between teachers and students I have to say that I am a little disappointed and I’ll explain why. I had a quarrel with one of my teachers and I will never forget that. I understand that the teachers are superior, but first of all they are people and they have to respect us as students and to understand that we came here to learn. I don’t want big marks but I want to be respected not only by the other students but also by the teachers.

Honestly, most of all I enjoyed the English classes, because I could say what I think and I wasn’t afraid that my opinion is not right. I love English very much. When I was five my father taught me the ABC. I enjoyed a lot singing it with him. Maybe that’s why I love this language so much.  I expected with enthusiasm and the “American Culture and Civilization“ classes. I found out more interesting things about American history, music, sport, food, etc.

Before entering the university I was a pupil that graduated high school. Now I am a student that wants to be a teacher, to be somebody, I want to make my parents happy and proud of me.

After the first year of study I became more responsible, more adult. I learned that I should accept all the opinions and that I am not always right.

This year was very special because it was the first.

I made a lot of friends and some of them are like sisters for me. We help each other and I can say that I am very lucky.

I like children very much that’s why I want to  be a good teacher. But not all of them have the support from the parents or money to pay the studies. This is my purpose to help poor children that want to learn but don’t have this opportunity.

In general, I am satisfied. I found another me and I like the new Irina.

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3 Responses to My experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Unfortunately I don’t know the old Irina that’s why I cannot compare, but I definately like the Irina I met. However, I would like to ask you where is the subject in the second sentence of the first paragraph? I would also recommend to read once again the essay and maybe change some of the words (e.g. mature instead of adult). It is a good piece of writing and I’m looking forward to reading the second. Your goals are very noble and I’m proud of you. I hope your dreams will come true.

  2. Bors Irina says:

    sorry, I ate the subject)

  3. Daniela C. says:

    My dear,Irina…Your essay is amazing!!! I like it a lot!!…You are a smart girl and your essay prove this again!!!….Keep going on,my friend!!!…

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