My Experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

So, I am done with my first year of University. Does that sound weird to you? A year before University, I was literally carefree, a pupil at high school whose biggest concern was what pair of shoes I was going to wear that day. Now I have managed to survive a freshman year, and I have managed to have a ton of fun, and to learn a lot – not just about English and French, but about myself.

Freshman year is a really transformative time in our life, but I never imagined I would have such an interesting and a wonderful year. I have changed. I have learned about myself. And I left this year with a newfound appreciation for the world around me.

The most important thing I learned this year: all I want is to make children, pupils happy as I will be a teacher. I want to put a smile on their faces and impact them in a positive way.

Life is so short that we need someone to share our thoughts and feelings. Friends are there to comfort, to laugh, and to make memories with. So, I have met many new people. Some of them became my friends with whom I have spent my free time and I have shared my troubles.

At the University, I liked the relationships between teachers and students.  What came as a pleasant surprise to me was that some teachers were very close with the students. They were like our parents, who helped us everyday to become personalities and to become good teachers like them. What came as a shock to me was that were teachers who scared us that they would call our parents if we would not learn. I think that this is not a good method to make a person to study – it is too primitive.

From this first year of study I will always remember my teachers who gave me pieces of advice which will be really treasures in my teacher’s life. Also, I will always remember the moments which I have spent with my friends. They will remain in my soul like the flavor of the most beautiful days from my life!

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3 Responses to My Experience as a Freshman (Student’s draft)

  1. vickycondrat says:

    Dear Daniela, what can I say? SO, you did a great job! Definately there are some things that should be improved 🙂 But let’s see what the other girls have to say.

  2. Caisin Anna says:

    Dear Daniela, I`v read your essay with a great pleasure. I liked the idea that you have learned a lot about yourself-I feel the same. Also , I like a lot the way you ended your essay “They will remain in my soul like the flavor of the most beautiful days from my life!” . This sentence is like a big point for your idea! Great job!

  3. Bors Irina says:

    Dear Daniela, I like a lot your essay. I see that you worked a lot with the dictionary!! I like your ideas.I am proud of you! Good luck!!!

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